Summer 2015 homestead gardens

Summer 2015 Homestead Updates

It has been a whirlwind of activity here on The Curious Road homestead this spring and summer. Just like the different seasons of growing, the activities we focus on at our homestead vary with the weather. Here are some exciting updates about our gardens, preserving food for the winter, and our two new family members!

Cattle panel trellis arches

Cattle Panel Trellises

I recently added some cattle panel trellises to my large raised garden beds. Cattle panels are an attractive and long lasting item to use to build many styles of trellis. This is a simple two step

Vex IQ Highrise

Robotics Club 05-04-2015 Match

The robotics club had their most well-rounded match of the season tonight. The team was able to put up scores of over fifty in all three aspects of the Vex IQ High Rise Challenge Tonight! As their mentor the most exciting part for me was

newly planted fruit trees

Planting Fruit Trees

These are the steps I used for planting fruit trees in our yard to create a sort of “backyard orchard.” I have wanted to plant fruit trees since we moved here and we live in a climate that is great for a wide variety of fruit here in the north. This is the