RoboRunners getting ready for a match

RoboRunners Vex IQ 2016 Season Week Two

The RoboRunners Vex IQ Team #1313 had a great second week. The students continued to prepare for their downstate tournament. The 2nd and 3rd graders had their first match.

One of the most exciting things that the kids made progress on was programming for their robot. Both practices and matches went well and the excitement continued to grow as they built on what they did last week.

RoboRunners First Match

The 2nd graders had their first match and did very well. Even though the competition robot is not ready, the kids were able to place first with one of their practice robots.

RoboRunners 2nd grade team members

This is the first time these kids have competed in robotics, and so getting first place was a great feeling. Although they are still learning to drive robots, they were able to accomplish all that they had hoped to at their first match.

RoboRunners parking on the ramp in their first match

Programming the Robot

Several of the team members have a huge interest in programming. Although the competition robot was still being built, several of the kids broke off and worked on programming practice robot #2.

The team was able to come up with some code to make scoring at the beginning of a match easier for the young drivers. It is great to see their face light up when the robot does what they want it to!

RoboRunners also did work on their autonomous skills code. They utilized practice robot #2 and were able to come up with some solid scores for their first attempt.

RoboRunners Second Week of Practice

After their second week of practice, the team has made a lot of progress. Their main robot is still not ready, but all of the team continued working and writing in their engineering notebooks. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Learning about 2D modeling from another Vex IQ team’s video
  • Modeling their competition robot in 2D
  • Building the first version of their competition robot and realizing it had too many problems to fix
  • Rebuilding the competition robot most of the way
  • Programming “super turns,” “ramp moves,” and autonomous skills code
  • 2nd graders placing 1st in their first week of leagues
  • Driving practice (lots)
  • Robot-Overload at some points
  • Adding another team member who heard about our team (Iggy R.)
  • Learning more about RobotC and creating functions to do specific tasks
  • Being introduced to technical drawing and sketching one of the practice robots using measurements

RoboRunners competition robot