RoboRunners Vex IQ robot

RoboRunners Vex IQ 2016 Season Weeks Five and Six

Weeks five and six of the RoboRunners 2016 Vex IQ season held the end of the 2nd grade league, exciting news, STEM research, minor design changes, and more work on code. After the traveling of week four and week three, these weeks seemed almost like a break!

The RoboRunners continue to progress as they learn more and try out more ideas. Their current robot is working well but is beginning to max out in it’s capabilities. There is talk of building a new robot… these kids certainly are ambitious.

RoboRunners 2nd Grade League

The 2nd graders had their last week of local league competition. The team had their strongest week of the season and made up for the one week they had problems.

The team was awarded 1st place in the league! They ended three of the four weeks in 1st place and had the highest average score overall. They were the only 2nd/3rd grade team to score in the high goal in the region. It was both 2nd grade students first year in robotics so they were very excited.

RoboRunners Vex IQ robot side

Heading to States

The RoboRunners maintained their top programming score in the state (among Elementary and Middle School teams) and qualified to compete in the state championships. The team is very excited and looking forward to making the trip.

At states, the team will be competing only against other elementary teams. This is a big change from the two qualifying events in which they competed against elementary and middle school students. It will be fun to see how they fare against teams with similar hand-eye coordination.

RoboRunners Vex IQ lifting mechanism

RoboRunners Practice

The team has had a number of practices and made some exciting decisions. Three of the students are working on a STEM research project and presentation. They want to have a chance at receiving the Excellence Award at states. To do so the team must compete in all aspects of Vex IQ competition.

Adjustments to the robot itself have been minor as they approach the maximum potential of their design. Some of the students have been talking about a new design – an ambitious goal before states.

Work on the RobotC code has continued. Some of the minor changes to the design forced a rework of some of the code. Some new strategies in autonomous were tested and resulted in an improved function for turning the robot. The team’s main programmer also added some new functionality to the TeleOps programming to assist drivers who have a hard time driving in a straight line.