Robotics team robots from front

Robotics Club 01-12-2015 Practice

The robotic club practice today was full of activity. We began the practice by splitting in to the two teams. I had the kids decide on a spokesperson for each team for the week and then come up with names for their teams. The names chosen for the teams were “Black Mambas” and “Winners.”

Once the teams had chosen their names we began having mock matches. The spokesperson for each team had the opportunity to pick who was driving for their teams and rotate team members. I like this approach and hope to continue it throughout the season at both practices and matches.

The mock matches were a lot of fun and should have the kids ready for their upcoming competitions. Although some stacking of blocks was done, the teams found pushing blocks to be the most effective scoring method within the given time.

Robotics Club Team Activity

Following the practice matches, I had the students get back into their team groups for a number of tasks. The tasks were to devise a strategy for the next two matches, design and sketch modifications to their robot, and finally build their design. Between each step the spokesperson for each team communicated to me the pertinent information. On the design stage each student was required to sign off on the design before proceeding. Here is a write-up of each team.

Team Black Mambas

Team Members

  • A.T.
  • A.R. (spokesperson)
  • C.R.
  • E.R.
  • H.S.

Team Black Mambas decided to go with a plow strategy and try to push as many blocks as they could. They elected to eliminate the ability to stack from their robots and use a simple wedge design. They did a fantastic job of sketching their plans and building.

Team Winners

Team Members

  • A.R.
  • C.J. (spokesperson)
  • G.N.
  • K.C.
  • L.A.

Team Winners also elected to go with a plow strategy and push as many blocks as possible. Their design also eliminated the ability to stack. Their robot has an interesting mechanical pivot idea which they believe will open as they push blocks. It is an interesting concept and I am looking forward to see if it performs to their expectations.

Robotics Club Practice Summary

Today we had a lot of fun in practice and accomplished a lot. The students came up with team names and elected a weekly spokesperson. We held mock competitions. Then we came up with strategies for upcoming matches. Robots were designed and sketched. Finally the new designs were built by the students.