Vex IQ robots for match on 01-21-2015

Robotics Club 01-21-2015 Match

The robotics club match last night gave the students the chance to test out some updated designs for their Vex IQ robots. The Black Mambas team had a strengthened front end that distributed force more effectively. The Winners team had a mechanized version of their previously all mechanical design. Thirty of the area teams attended making for an exciting and fast paced time. Some of the organizational hiccups are being worked out so that is great to see. It seemed as though getting teams on to each field at the correct time was easier this week.

Robotics Club Match

Both teams did well with their new designs. It seems like our next practice we need to focus more on driving as the kids seemed a bit rusty. We only had one real problem when one of the students drove their robot off a table! Fortunately we were able to get it back in working condition before they were on the field.

The team spokespeople did a good job tonight rotating their team members. I was very impressed that the students seemed more focused and ready. We were missing a number of team members last night. Hopefully the full teams will be back and ready to go next week. Thank you to all the parents who came tonight, and a big thanks to Mr. Johnson for helping me out after the match!

Match Results

Black Mambas (Team 3013)

  • Overall Rank: 7 (Tied with team 3016)
  • Total League Points: 114
  • Points This Week: 56
  • Average Points: 14.25
  • Position Change From Last Week: +6

Winners (Team 3014)

  • Overall Rank: 15
  • Total League Points: 100
  • Points This Week: 43
  • Average Points: 12.5
  • Position Change From Last Week:  -8