Robotics Club 01-26-2015 Practice

Yesterday’s robotics club practice was mainly spent on driving practice with some minor modifications as well. Each team elected a new spokesperson for the week.┬áThe Black Mambas chose C.R. and the Winners chose A.R. The spokespeople are responsible for presenting ideas to me, selecting which of their team members are on the robotics field during both practice and matches, and communicating to me any issues that may arise.

Robotics Club Practice

Once the spokespeople had been chosen we reviewed the previous two matches. The Black Mambas were happy with their performance and improvement overall. They did mention the problem with driving the robot off of the staging table (and sending us into repair mode.) The Winners team noted that they needed more practice driving the robot and wanted to make some minor changes to the design.

Following the review, both teams took to the field to practice driving. This portion of the practice was fairly unstructured and I just made sure each student had a chance to operate their robots. During this time Mrs. Schuyler kept things moving smoothly as I was being interviewed about Vex IQ and the robotics program in the area. The rapid growth in this area is getting a lot of attention!

The next thing we did was robot modification. I met with each team individually and discussed changes to the design. The Winners team was able to make their changes in the time we had. The Black Mambas team had some interesting ideas but we did not have enough time to implement them this week. We wrapped things up with more driving.

Robotics Club Announcements

We have two matches left in this season. In these two matches there will be some additional opportunities to compete. The first of these is called the skills challenge. This is basically a chance for one driver team to compete for their highest possible score without another robot on the field. We will be participating in this. The second is programming an autonomous robot and scoring points with it. This season our teams will not be competing in this as we just do not have enough time with one practice a week.

Parents: I would really appreciate it if you could let me know if your child will be participating in the spring session. With the addition of programming we may need some additional practice time if the kids want to compete in this as well. Please let me know via email.