Robotics Club 01-28-2015 Match

Another wonderful Vex IQ robotics match was held last night. Both of our school’s teams showed improvement. In addition to having a chance to drive the robots five times, the teams also had their first taste of the driver skills challenge. In this new addition only one team is on the field at a time and the drivers have only themselves to rely on to score as many points as possible. Trying to squeeze this in between the teamwork matches was interesting. Thankfully I had a lot of help from the other parents.

Robotics Club Match

Our teams did an excellent job scoring in the teamwork portion of the Vex IQ high rise match. With only minor modifications to the robots this week and more concentration on driving practice the students seemed more able to make the robots do what they wanted them to do. Only one student was absent as well which really helped keep things running smoothly.

The driver skills challenge was a lot of fun. It is sometimes hard to be a coach and not get a chance to drive myself! Both teams did well in the skills challenge with the Black Mambas in particular scoring in the top three teams!

Match Results

Black Mambas (Team 3013)


  • Overall Rank: 7
  • Total League Points: 224
  • Points This Week: 100
  • Average Points: 17.23
  • Position Change From Last Week: +0
  • Skills Challenge Points: 27

Winners (Team 3014)


  • Overall Rank: 17
  • Total League Points: 177
  • Points This Week: 77
  • Average Points: 13.61
  • Position Change From Last Week:  -2
  • Skills Challenge Points: 16