Robotics Club 03-11-2015 Practice

During last night’s robotics club practice you could sense that the long northern winters are coming to an end and the kids are ready for the warmer weather spring brings. There was a tangible extra amount of energy in the room as we discussed engineering decisions to shape the upcoming spring session of Vex IQ competition. We only have two more solid weeks of practice before we will need to be ready to compete!

Robotics Club Practice

The beginning of robotics club practice featured a lot of discussion, brainstorming, and ideas. During last week’s practice the students decided on the basic drive train and driving strategy and created a working prototype. This week we discussed what mechanisms we would be using to grab and lift blocks. Initially the team thought about using the elevator style lift some of the area’s top teams are using but in the end they decided that a swing arm mechanism would better suit their strategy.

With those decisions, work began on strengthening the existing prototype to support an arm tower.  Work progressed a bit more slowly than usual as the kids were extra-energized. I think everyone is ready for the warmer weather and it makes us all want to move around more! By the end of practice we had strengthened the existing prototype and each student took turns testing how well it drove. I am really hoping that we can have a working claw and arm by the end of next week’s practice!


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