Vex IQ robotics club 03-18-2014 Practice

Robotics Club 03-18-2015 Practice

As the new Vex IQ season approaches, our elementary students continue to put their brainpower to the test with their new robot design. Last week the sides and drive train took shape. This week during robotics club practice, prototypes for the arm tower and claw were created. There is still a lot of work to do but I am confident the team will have a working robot by the time the next session starts. Whether we will have enough time to begin programming remains to be seen!

Robotics Club Practice

Several of our students had gone to the high school robotics competition over the weekend and were excited to share what they had seen. They were impressed by the high school teams with their large metal robots. This year’s high school game is in many ways similar to the Vex IQ high rise game. In their competitions they are stacking recycling bins and trash barrels. This gave our team some ideas on how to better stack blocks for the elementary school level competition.

The main portion of the robot that we worked on tonight was the arm tower. Since the height of the tower affects the claw and the structural integrity of the middle of their robot, the robotics club students thought that the tower should be where they focused their efforts. Several of the students began prototyping a claw in parallel to the other members of the team working on the arm. By the end of practice the kids had a working arm to test. The claw prototype needs to become a working model and some work needs to be done to strengthen the robot but the team has made excellent progress. This season the team’s robot is far more functional and complex. It is really amazing to see the students progress!

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