03-25-2015 robotics club practice

Robotics Club 03-25-2015 Practice

The Vex IQ robotics season is fast approaching and our robotics club is working very hard to get their new design ready to compete. This week’s practice featured a special guest from the high school robotics team who was eager to help out with ideas and methods of building. AJ is a lead builder and driver for the robotics team at West High School and will be assisting our team this season. The students were very happy┬áto have someone who works on the “big robots” at practice. AJ offered some ideas for claw design but ultimately the team decided to go a different direction with their claw.

Robotics Club Practice

Practice began with an introduction from AJ and a reminder from me that it was the last practice before spring break. We reviewed where we had left off with last week’s practice and what needed to get done. This had the robotics club working hard to complete their robot so that they can spend the final practice before competition practicing their driving skills and perhaps programming some autonomous robot functions. The main component left the team had to work on is the claw so I set the students to work on turning the prototype they created last week into a working model. AJ also put together a different claw design to show the students that involved a linkage system. Ultimately after discussing the pros and cons of the two designs the students decided to go with their own claw since it is able to open much further. While this will present challenges with grip it will make the robot easier to drive for their strategy overall.

By the end of practice the students had put together a functioning claw system and found a way to attach it to their lifting mechanism. Over the break Austin will be strengthening up the areas of the robot that need to gain a little sturdiness but our robotics club should be ready to go. The students are very excited to test out their new robot along with a strategy none of the other teams this year have employed. I am looking forward to seeing how well the robot does and to see what adjustments they make after the first competition. The Vex IQ high rise game is a lot of fun and I think the students have a good shot at some great scores with their new design.