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Robotics Club 04-08-2015 Practice

The robotics team met today and had a great time finishing up their new robot. With the new season of Vex IQ starting up, it was very important that they had a robot that was capable of competing. I am very excited to see how the new design performs┬áin the matches. The team will be competing in all three aspects of the Vex IQ high rise challenge this session – team challenge, driver challenge, and programming.

Robotics Club Practice

As usual, the practice began with a lot of excitement in the air and the team members ready to go. We began the practice with driving practice to see how the design was working for the actual competition. The robotics club team members soon found that controlling a robot that is able to lift and stack is much more challenging then a plow style robot like they used last season.

After each student had tried driving for a while, the team made some small changes to the robot. Both AJ from the high school team and Avery’s Dad had some good input to help stiffen up some of the weak points on the robot. Some ideas on improving the claw grip were also tested out but proved to not work as well as they hoped.

The team spent the tail end of practice continuing to practice driving. The new robot they have designed is definitely going to take some time to learn how to drive effectively! Each student was able to create stacks of three so this is a vast improvement over last season… last season the robot was not capable of stacking at all! The very last thing the kids did was to come up with a name for their team… the name that was decided on (with parents help!) is RoboRunners!

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