Vex IQ high rise stack

Robotics Club 04-13-2015 Match

After what seemed like a long break from Vex IQ robotics matches, the robotics club’s first match of the new season took place tonight. The team did an outstanding job with their new design. Many of the other teams thought their robot was very “cool” which made the students happy. As the matches got underway┬áthe robotics club began to settle back into the fast paced environment of the high rise competitions.

robotics club waiting for match
Robotics club match about to start
robotics club during match
Match underway!

Robotics Club Match

After a couple of matches, the team soon realized that they needed a lot more practice driving the new robot design. The claw that was finished last week did not quite work as well as they had hoped, however they were still able to accomplish the basic premise behind their new design.

04-13-2015 vex iq robotics match
Waiting for a match to begin
robotics club pulling a row of blocks
Getting ready to pull a row

One of the most exciting aspects of tonight’s match was that the team was finally able to create a stack. Last season they were able to score well with a simple plow design, but this season I made it a requirement that their robot would be able to stack. The claw wasn’t working quite as well as they had hoped but it worked well enough for this new milestone!

Vex IQ high rise stack
Robotics club stacking for the first time

Driver Skills Challenge

Another great part about tonight’s match was that all of the robotics club team members were able to participate in the driver skills challenge. Last season it was a real struggle while managing two teams, but with the smaller group I was able to make sure they squeezed in some of these matches.

vex iq driver skills challenge
Driver skills challenge
robotics club helping teammates
Helping teammates know when robot is in the right position

Robotics Club Match Summary

All things considered tonight was a great success. Although our scores weren’t quite as high as they were last season, the team was able to stack for the first time and was able to fully participate in the driver skills challenge. Many of the other teams thought the robot was a really cool design… After nearly 30 weeks of practicing and trying different ideas the team really enjoyed the fanfare.

At the end of the match the robotics club had a short meeting and decided to spend the next practice focusing on improving their driving. It should make for a really fun practice and hopefully improved scores in their next match.

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