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Robotics Club 04-15-2015 Practice

The robotics club met for practice tonight and followed through with the plan they had made at their last match. The team wanted to spend the majority of the practice time driving. They felt that they really needed some additional time to master the more complex Vex IQ robot design and to refine the skills needed for their new strategy.

Robotics Club Practice

Once all of the students were at practice we sat down to discuss the last match. It is always interesting to hear their input as well as to give mine. Here is what they had to say.

  • Hayden – felt that the team did well but could have done better
  • Avery – the team did not do as well driving as they had in practice and the claw didn’t work right
  • Austin – felt that driving performance was down compared to last season
  • Calvin – liked the new robot and was excited to get better
  • Me – reminded them that the matches started late due to technical difficulty and that some of the things they had focused on during the match weren’t as big a deal as they thought; was excited they finally stacked!

Before practice began I had removed the robot’s claw because I wanted them to practice without it. It seemed that during the match they forgot their robot was still capable of good scores when the claw isn’t working properly and I wanted them to remember how to drive when problems occur. We did a series of rapid fire practices without the claw.

Once they had each driven several times the team re-installed the claw and made a few minor tweaks to the design that hopefully will have it working better for the next match. Once the claw was reassembled Calvin was able to put up a score over 80 by himself! I am looking forward to see how the team performs at our next match.


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