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Robotics Club 04-20-2015 Match

The RoboRunners Vex IQ robotics team greatly improved their driving at this week’s match after a great practice last week. The minor improvements that were done to the robot’s arm really seemed to help out. The robot did not break at all this week and the team was able to get their first┬ástack of three blocks! It was really great to seem them executing their strategy so much better then last week.

Robotics Club Team Work Challenge

During the teamwork challenge portion of the match the team did much better then last week. They improved from 13th place to 4th place overall in the league standings for teamwork challenge. There is still a lot of room for improvement, and several times during the teamwork challenge their high rise “stacks” were knocked over by the other team. I am happy that they are getting more comfortable with the new design and am sure that their scores will continue to improve over the season.

Robotics Club Driver Skill Challenge

The RoboRunners dominated the driver skills challenge this week! They scored 25 more points then the next closest team and were able to put up a stack of three. The best part of this is that I am sure the team is capable of scoring 100 or more points. I really look forward to seeing what they can pull off in the next few weeks.

Next Steps

The team is very happy with their design now that they are getting better at driving it. This week they decided to not make any structural changes to the robot and to only add some additional grip bands. During practice we will be focusing on programming skills. Hopefully the team will be able to compete in the third aspect of the Vex IQ High Rise challenge next week – The Programming Challenge. In this aspect of the competition the robots are not controlled by the students. Instead, the robots are programmed to execute a series of commands to hopefully score points. We will see how it goes!

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