04-13-2015 vex iq robotics match

Robotics Club 04-27-2015 Match

Tonight’s match was the best the team has had yet! The team placed first for the night in the Teamwork Challenge. They also placed first in the Programming Challenge! This is especially amazing because this is the first week that the team has competed in that aspect of the Vex IQ Challenge. It was really great to┬ásee all of their practice paying off! They were VERY excited.

Robotics Club Match

Teamwork Challenge

The team did an excellent job this week in the Teamwork Challenge. Going into the last match of the night they were in second place overall. They were paired up with another team that complimented them and were able to put up their highest score ever with 70 points!

For their 70 points the team had a stack of 4 for the very first time! The kids were jumping up and down with excitement and it was enough to move them into first place for the night. Overall the team moved from fourth place overall for the season in Teamwork Challenge up to second place.

Programming Skills

With all of the work we did at last week’s practice I was eager to see how the team would do for their first every Programming Skills participation. I was very happy to see them score the maximum points they had programmed their robot to score on it’s own and place 1st in the Programming Challenge for the night. They also have the highest programming score for the season so far!

Driver Skills

The team tried hard to beat their score of 60 last week in the Drive Skills Challenge but were unable to best it. Tonight they scored 41 points twice and were 2nd overall for the night in Driver Skills. Their score of 60 is still the highest of the season, but another team is getting very close… it will be exciting to see if they can improve next week.

Upcoming Robotics Practice

Following the match the team had a short meeting. Everyone was bubbling over with excitement, but I was able to get them to decide what they wanted to focus on this week at practice. The team wanted to do some more programming and hopefully further improve their score in that aspect of the Vex IQ Challenge!

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