Vex IQ Highrise

Robotics Club 05-04-2015 Match

The robotics club had their most well-rounded match of the season tonight. The team was able to put up scores of over fifty in all three aspects of the Vex IQ High Rise Challenge Tonight! As their mentor the most exciting part for me was seeing them pull off their highest score of the season in the Programming Challenge.

RoboRunners robotics club team
Robotics club team the RoboRunners

Robotics Club Match

Teamwork Challenge

The team struggled a bit tonight with the Teamwork Challenge with a mixture of high scores and low scores. They ended up in third place for the night overall and maintained their overall score of second place for the season.

teamwork challenge robot pulling a row
Pulling a row in the teamwork challenge


The Teamwork Challenge really gets the heart pumping with all the highs and lows! The team’s highest score of the night was 64 which was also the highest overall Teamwork single match of the night. They also put up an 18 score on one of the matches which was one of their lowest scores of the season.

robotics club getting ready to drive
Getting ready to drive

Driver Skills

The team was able to put up their second highest score of the season in the Driver Challenge tonight with a score of 59. The drive skills challenge is fun to watch when they are on their “A Game” as it is their best chance of making multiple stacks it seems.

driver skills challenge
Drive skills challenge mid match
awesome driver skills score robotics team
Robotics club putting up a solid driver skills score

Programming Skills

It took quite a few tries but the team was able to put up their maximum programming score tonight with a score of 81. Since the Programming Skills has taken up our last two practices it was really awesome to see it happen at a match. This week we will take a break from writing and testing code! Since we decided to spend our time on “advanced” concepts this season I am really happy to see them scoring so high in this aspect of the competition.

programming skills match
Getting ready for a programming skills match
robotics clubs scoring their most points ever
Highest programming score yet!

Upcoming Robotics Practice

The team was divided in what they want to focus their practice on this week. Two members of the team want to practice driving and two want to work some more on programming. I think we will spend most of the practice with driving practice and then no more then 20 minutes tweaking their program to be more consistent!

the RoboRunners robot
RoboRunners robot