vex iq high rise challenge

Robotics Club 05-11-2015 Match

The RoboRunners robotics club from Long Lake Elementary school had their strongest performance of the Vex IQ season tonight. They ended up scoring enough in the teamwork challenge tonight to end up in 1st place for all three aspects of the Vex IQ High Rise challenge. This was quite a feat since they were behind by thirty-six points going in to tonight. What a great way to wrap up the west side matches!

Teaming up for the robotics club
The RoboRunners team up with Hot-N-Ready for both teams top teamwork score of the season

Robotics Club Match

Teamwork Challenge

In our last practice we shifted our focus away from programming and back to drive practice. This really paid off with the team having their highest average points of the season tonight. The team also had a chance to team up with a robot of similar design and nearly scored the maximum amount of points their robot design is capable of!

Here’s a sample from one of the matches.

In the teamwork challenge the team ended up with a total of 953 points for the season. Their closest competitor ended up with 903, so it really came down to tonight’s driving!

Driver Skills Challenge

The team did several practice runs of driver skills before the official match began and did well. However, they were not able to improve upon their prior scores in this aspect. Their top score of the season was 60. This score was 18 points ahead of their nearest competitor.

Programming Skills Challenge

The team’s program for the autonomous portion of the Vex IQ High Rise Challenge remained unchanged. The ended the season with a top score of 81 points. This was 59 points ahead of their nearest competitor.

Upcoming Championship Series

This Saturday the robotics club will participate in the region’s championships! Hopefully the team will be able to perform like they did tonight (it wouldn’t hurt if they could team up with their closest competitor either!) It should be a fun day!

Final Season Thoughts

It was a really great season for the elementary schools in the area with all teams greatly improving. I really had a fun time working with the team this season and diving into some of the more “advanced” concepts of STEM and Vex IQ. It is amazing to me how great a program this is for such a young age. The team sure has come a long way since the beginning of the year and barely being able to move the robot!