Fall robotics club final design front view

Robotics Club 10-01-2014 Match

The robotics club had our first match tonight. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot! We arrived to a gym full of other teams and bustling with activity. Our team was excited and I think a little nervous. The team rose to the challenge and was able to give this new program a good attempt.

Initial Impression of Vex IQ Highrise

Wow, the matches are really fast. Two teams take to the field in an effort to move and stack different colored blocks. Matches last 60 seconds and there is a required driver change at the midway point. In other words, each kid has about 25-30 seconds to drive per round!

Robotics Club Performance

The robotics club team did well considering this was their first real chance to operate the robot. We encountered a few issues with the robot breaking and learning the pace of the competition. We did have a major problem when the controller was dropped and stopped working for a while. This caused us to miss one of our matches but luckily the controller started working again after about 10 minutes. The kids had a good time and I am excited to have our first practice next Monday!

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