Fall robotics club final design top view

Robotics Club 10-06-2014 Practice

Today was our first robotics club practice. Going into the practice I was excited and a bit apprehensive. It has been a long time since I stood up and taught in front of a group of kids. I tried to keep in mind how much of an awesome opportunity it is for elementary kids to be getting exposure to robotics at such a young age. Nothing like this existed when I was growing up.

Robotics Club Prep

Going into the practice I had spent a lot of time thinking about how I would run the practices as well as how much “guidance” I would be giving. I decided I wanted to let the kids drive design, implementation, etc. and that I would be there as a facilitator and as someone who would show them ideas but not directly build their robot for them. I came up with a basic practice structure as follows:

  1. Review of previous match – each student has a chance to give their input and observations to the group and we discuss (10-15 minutes)
  2. Strategy/Design/Build – Discuss strategy for next match. Come up with designs of any modifications and implement (10-? minutes)
  3. Driving practice – Spend remaining time taking turns operating the robot

Robotics Club Meeting Notes

Review of Previous Match

  • A.T. – Team was slow, need to use aisle and push from back, was fun, liked how team worked together on strategies
  • C.J. –  Last match was best because worked well with other team, had fun, wants to participate in upcoming sessions
  • H.S. –  Did well considering missing 2 people, had fun, mentioned the controller drop
  • K.C. – Did not attend

Strategy for Upcoming Match:

  • A.T. – Go down aisle to back and push
  • C.J. – Start from back or middle, improve front of robot
  • H.S. –  Make a bigger front for robot, start in back
  • K.C. – Big front, need to practice


The robotics club team decided to use the time we had to make some simple adjustments to the front of the robot and practice driving. We sketched some ideas and ended up with something that combined several of the ideas. The strategy the team agreed on was to attempt to start from back and focus on pushing blocks.

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