Fall robotics club final design side view

Robotics Club 10-08-2014 Match

The robotics club had our second match of the season today. It was very exciting to see all of the ideas the kids came up with in practice being executed. The kids scored much higher this time around and seemed more prepared.

Some of the things I noticed about the robotics club team’s performance tonight include the following:

  • Forgot to have robot turned on for first match
  • Having a plan for strategy really seemed to help them drive
  • Getting used to the other robot on the field is going to take a few matches
  • There is a lot less weight in the front of the robot now
  • The kids were much more confident
  • This is a lot of fun!!!

I am really enjoying coaching the robotics club and think the Vex IQ system is pretty great for kids this age. The Highrise game itself still seems very fast paced but the kids are getting used to it. Tonight we did not have any controller drops so that is great! It was really amazing to see the kids implement the ideas from practice and to see the positive and negative outcomes of those ideas. I am looking forward to our next practice to hear their thoughts.

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