Fall robotics club final design side view closeup

Robotics Club 10-13-2014 Practice

The robotics club had our second practice tonight. The kids were still excited about their last match and how much they had improved. I am glad this program exists for the students and that I get to be a small part of it. After settling in we reviewed our previous match.

Robotics Club Meeting Notes

Review of Previous Match

  • A.T. – Pushing was good, team did well, robot was sturdy, didn’t remember to turn on on 1st match
  • C.J. –  Need to work on driving skill, cables got tangled in the axles
  • E.H. –  Did not attend
  • H.S. –  Did much better, hook design was good for pushing
  • K.C. – Need to make sure robot is on, try to avoid walls more, robot does wheelies

Strategy for Upcoming Match:

  • A.T. – Keep last week’s strategy
  • C.J. – Keep last week’s strategy
  • E.H. – Need to see a match
  • H.S. –  Try to go faster but stick with pushing
  • K.C. – Possibly grab from front, stick with pushing


We discussed and made some minor design changes to the robot, mainly a method to organize the wires and weigh the front down a bit more. I briefly discussed the concepts of speed and torque in a drive train and made some models that demonstrated the concepts. We practiced driving extensively with each team member getting multiple chances to drive.

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