Robotics club holonomic robot

Robotics Club 12-01-2014 Practice

Tonight we had a lot of fun at the robotics club practice. The main aspect of tonight was breaking the kids into teams of two and having mock matches. The best part was I got to be on a team!

Robotics Club Practice Summary

The first order of business tonight was to review the concepts from last week. The kids did a really great job of recalling the STEM concept and the areas of Engineering. It’s great to know they are listening! After that I went over each part of the Vex IQ robotics kit and we did a worksheet as teams.

The remainder of time we spent having mock matches. We formed 5 teams. The kids picked names for their teams. The names were: Awesomeness, Assassins, Epic Girls, The Elves, and Casserole Eaters. We then had some pretty amazing matches.

Robotics Club Next Week

I will be disassembling both robots this week. Next week the kids will begin assembling the base claw robot from the Vex IQ curriculum. This will give them a good foundation for being able to come up with their own designs, particularly for the new team members.