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Robotics Club 12-08-2014 Practice

Today was an exciting day in the robotics club as we begin to gear up for the upcoming season. Earlier in the week I took apart the robot from last season, as well as my holonomic robot. Today I split the students in to two teams and had them each build the base of the Vex IQ claw bot.

Robotics Club Practice Summary

Today we reviewed what we had gone through last week. I split the club into two teams and had them each begin building the Vex IQ claw bot. Each of the teams was composed of both new students and veterans.

Both teams were able to get through the base assembly (page 27). I had the teams stop there and spend the rest of the time testing their robots to make sure they drove properly. The goal of today’s practice was to get the kids ready to build and modify their own robots. Next week we will be finishing the claw bots and testing them.

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