Robotics Club Fall 2014 Kickoff

New at the kid’s school this year is a robotics club I volunteered to mentor/lead. Many of the elementary schools in the area have formed a league to competein a program put on by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation using Vex IQ based robots. These programs are a part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education push going on in American schools.

At the kickoff I met the five students who would be on the robotics team for the fall season as well as their parents.  There was great turnout for this new program overall with hundreds of people filling the high schools meeting area.


The kids got a chance to see this year’s game called “Highrise” as well as several Vex IQ robots. Once the overall coordinator of the league went over the program, game, and general rules, our team had a chance to build the base “clawbot” as outlined in the instructions.



The kids did a great job of working together to build their robot. They were very excited to test drive the robot and get a small taste of what the robotics club would be all about. Our first competition is in 4 days!