Robotics club Team 5794A finally can score

Vex EDR 2015 Season Week 7

The WMS Titan Robotics Club’s competition is nearing its peak and students continue to evolve their designs. Just like last week, the teams worked hard in preparation for next week’s tournament.

I continue to be amazed at how well this new program is doing and how much the robotics club’s teams improve each week.

Robotics Club League

The teams all arrived early this week and checked in. Most of them had last minute tweaks they wanted to make to their robots. When the kids are working hard, practice seems short!

Team 5794B attaching an ID plate

Some of the new modifications were successful and some still need improvement. Overall the the students were pleased with their results and had fun seeing their ideas at work.

Team 5794B and their updated design

While our teams don’t have the experience and parts inventory of many of the other teams, they certainly don’t lack in enthusiasm. They are doing a great job of working with what they have, documenting their process, and learning to program in RobotC.

Team 5794D working in the robot pits

Robotics Club Practice

In anticipation of a short practice week, the robotics club worked hard to get done what they could. All of the teams can now score points in ways other than pushing balls under the low goal.

Team 5794C autonomous scoring

Here are this week’s team leaders.

  • 5794A – Whitman S.
  • 5794B – John K.
  • 5794C – Isaac C.
  • 5794D – Emily S.

Team 5794D pushing balls

I am excited to see what changes the teams will make for next week and what they will focus on in practice. I expect to see more programming and driving practice than usual.

Robotics Club Tournament

WMS Titan Robotics will be attending the regional event on November 14th. It will be fun to see the students get the experience of being in one of the larger events.

Robotics club Team 5794C and their new intake system