Vex tournament underway

Vex EDR 2015 Season Week 8

WMS Titan Robotics Club attended it’s first ever regional tournament this week and had a lot of fun.

Team 5794D received the Judge’s Choice trophy resulting in a lot of excitement. The teams saw that all the hard¬†work they have done on their engineering notebooks was worthwhile!

Robotics Club League

The teams had a good time at the Vex league this week. Team 5794A finished the event in 3rd place – their highest ranking ever!

Their robot finally seems capable of scoring and they took a stab at autonomous control this week.

Getting ready in the robot pits

Team 5794C and 5794D both struggled with robot malfunctions and tough alliance match-ups. Neither team’s autonomous was working correctly.

team 5794C's robot scoring some points

Team 5794B had some tough match-ups, but their robot seemed solid during league play.

Robotics Club Tournament

The tournament was the highlight of the week.

It was amazing to see teams from all over the state, and to let WMS compete.

robotics tournament team 5794B

Early on, the teams struggled in the Teamwork challenge, but by the end of the day things evened out. Two of our teams ended up as alliance captains in the finals, and all teams participated in the finals.

team 5794a waiting for a match to start

team 5794D sets up for a match

Team 5794B waiting for a match


The teams all can be proud of how far they have come!

Each team started with only a claw-bot, and by the end of the competition season has developed their own unique robot.

WMS Titan Robotics Club team

Judges Award

During the awards ceremony at this week’s tournament, team 5794D received the judges choice award. As the award was being announced, the team realized they were going to get it and erupted with excitement.

Vex robotics trophy

The team received the award for their judge’s presentation and engineering notebook. The judges made special mention of the fact the team had an engineering notebook – many teams did not do them.

Team 5794D with their award

Robotics Club Team 5794D won the Judge's choice

Last Week of Robotics Club

This upcoming week wraps up the competition season for WMS Titan Robotics. There will be one more league event with awards and two more practices. Congratulations on a wonderful season WMS Titan Robotics!