WMS Titan Robotics Teams

Vex EDR 2015 Season Week 9

The competition season for WMS Titan Robotics came to a close this week with one final push of activity. It has been an amazing season with each team growing significantly.

The student’s hard work within the regional Vex EDR league was rewarded with three more trophies. It was nice to see their efforts rewarded and to add to the WMS awards from last week.

Robotics Club League

The final matches of league were exciting to say the least. Team 5794C finished the night in first place! They have often struggled with tough pairings so it was nice to see them at the top.

Team C making some final tweaks

Teams B and C square off

Team 5794D also had a strong finish and ended the season the number one middle school team. I think they were surprised when the final standings were announced.

Team A waiting for a match

It was a lot of fun to see the final flurry of competition. We even had a chance to see a lift!

A team working on their robot


With consistent improvement, outstanding engineering notebooks, and a little luck WMS Titan Robotics received three more trophies at the league awards ceremony.

A lift in a Vex EDR match


Team 5794C was awarded the Design Award for their near obsessive improvement and documentation. Team 5794D received First Place overall among middle school teams as well as the Teamwork Award.

Robotics Club Reflection

It is always bittersweet to wrap up a season. Our final practice was spent reflecting on the season and robotics club. All of the students had a chance to share their thoughts on the season, give input on what they enjoyed, and think of ways to improve the experience.

We talked about what is next for WMS Titan Robotics and what I would like to do with the rest of the year. With all of the reminiscing of practice I would like to recognize each team, their achievements, and their struggles.

Team 5794A

Robotics team 5794A

Team 5794A was extremely intent on building. Early in the season they struggled with translating what was in their minds in to something that worked in the Vex EDR competition. By the end of the season they had a very unique way of scoring and solid autonomous operation.

Team 5794A definitely enjoys robotics, and in particular enjoy building. They did not enjoy documenting their process and the engineering notebook is definitely an area in which they can improve as they continue in competition robotics.

Team 5794B

Robotics team 5794B

Team 5794B was an interesting team with three very different personalities. It was a lot of fun to see them learn to work together and grow as individuals. Team 5794B enjoyed building and driving their robot. Of all of the teams, I think they spent the most time taking apart their robot!

Team 5794B has driving and competing down. They also have grandiose ideas that given time I think would be fun to see. Their greatest areas to improve moving forward are documenting their ideas and process in their engineering notebook and setting manageable goals each week.

Team 5794C

Robotics Team 5794C

Team 5794C was without a doubt my most intense team. They excelled at working independently, setting manageable goals, testings, and documenting their ideas and processes. Their robot was the most complex of all the teams, and they also had the most sophisticated programming.

One of my favorite parts of this team was their willingness to help the other teams. They were largely responsible for all of the WMS teams having working competition and autonomous code. Some of the things this team could work on are pushing themselves even further and internal teamwork.

Team 5794C received one trophy – the Design Award for the Vex EDR League.

Team 5794D

Robotics Team 5794D

Team 5794D was without a doubt my most exuberant team. They started the season two weeks late with spare parts from other robots, but with creativity, some solid individuals, and moments of focus they did well in competition. I spent a lot of time reigning them in, but their engineering notebook was one of the best I have seen.

Team 5794D had a lot of fun. Their areas that could use some work are internal management and avoiding their propensity for wanting to strangle each other! Their autonomous code could have used further refinement and testing as well.

Team 5784 received three trophies. In the regional tournament they were awarded Judge’s Choice. In the Vex EDR League they were awarded 1st Place Middle School Team and the Teamwork Award.

Other Acknowledgements

I also want to thank Philip L. for being so dedicated to the area’s robotics. Philip is a high school teacher that is largely responsible for all Vex, Vex IQ, and FRC leagues in the area. Without his involvement the area’s robotics programs would not growing and thriving like they are.

I would like to thank all parents for letting their kids be part of this program. In particular Valeri D. ran our T-Shirt fund raiser and coordinated sponsors. Beth K. helped out at several practices which I greatly appreciate. Becky C. provided a lot of the room’s supplies as well as engineering notebooks which were instrumental to the success of WMS Titan Robotics.

Thank you to all of our sponsors. You helped a new program grow and gave the kids parts for better designs. Your donations will be a lasting legacy at WMS.

Finally, thank you to all of the students I had a chance to mentor. It was entertaining, frustrating, fun, and amazing to watch each of you grow. I will not be surprised when I see some of you competing at the state and world levels in coming years. You are a great bunch!