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Robotics Club 04-29-2015 Practice

The robotics club has really taken to programming and autonomous robot design. As they discussed in their last match they wanted to continue working on learning programming and see if they could program a robot that was able to stack blocks to further increase their programming score.

Robotics Club Practice

There was still a lot of excitement in the air as we reviewed our last match. All of the students were very happy with their performance in all of the aspects of the Vex IQ High Rise Challenge. They were particularly impressed with their programming score and their final teamwork score of the night.

We continued the practice¬†by going back to the unfinished code from the week before’s practice. As the code is still very basic, the students had to work through a lot of trial and error. That meant making minor adjustments, compiling their RobotC code, uploading it to the robot, and testing it out on the practice field.

The students begin to fatigue after an hour so of the trial and error, but finally their code worked! Once they saw the robot stacking on it’s own their faces lit up. All of the parents in attendance were also amazed (and probably just as excited!) While the students did not get a chance to practice their own driving skills, they have a new program for their robot that is capable of putting up a score higher then they have ever scored in any aspect of the competition! Lets hope they are able to pull it off in their upcoming match.

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