robotics club team members and trophies

Robotics Club Regional Championships

The robotics club had a great run at the regional championships today.

The team had their best driving day of the season, even though they were paired up with many teams they had never met before.

They entered the Vex IQ high rise finals as the number one seed, having put up over 100 points more than any other team!

Robotics Club Qualifying Rounds

The robotics club had solid driving by every team member and put up some of the highest scores for any teams in our region.

Each round saw them doing a great job of stacking the blocks. Several rounds had multiple stacks of four. All of this led to them entering the finals as the number one seed.

robot putting up a stack of blocks
The robotics club putting up a stack

I have been so impressed by how far our robotics club team has come since the beginning of the school year.

During our first match we really struggled to score any points. By the end of our second season, we had become a solid team that was able to push well.

This season, we were able to be a top team in all aspects of the Vex IQ high rise challenge with all of our hard work coming together.

championship qualifying rounds
Championships qualifying rounds
Qualifying round for the robot finals
Having a great round in qualifying for the championship finals

Robotics Club Finals

Even though we were the number one seed going in to the finals, our team accidentally knocked over our own stack and ended up not having the top score for the team work challenge overall.

During the practice time we were able to put up the highest score we have ever had but it did not come together in the end.

There were a lot of tears, but overall I am very happy with how our team did. The tears were short lived once it was time for the regional awards ceremony.

Robotics Club Regional Awards

The robotics club team did a great job in the other aspects of the Vex IQ high rise challenge and took home first place in the Programming Challenge (by over 50 points) and first place in the Driver Skills Challenge (ending far beyond other teams.)

The team was very excited to take home two more trophies to Long Lake Elementary after all their work (they earned a trophy last season too).

Congratulations RoboRunners on an amazing season and I hope to see you all again next year!

programming skills trophy
Programming skills trophy
robot skills trophy
Robot skills trophy
robotics club having a good time
Robotics club having a good time

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