Vex IQ

Vex IQ robot

Robotics Club 03-04-2015 Practice

Wednesday’s robotics club practice was full of excitement as we began to prep for the next Vex IQ session. Last week we took a look at a number of different designs and discussed various strategies for the high rise game. After thinking about it for the past week the students decided which ideas they wanted

Robotics Club 02-02-2015 Practice

Our final robotics practice of the current Vex IQ robotics session was very reflective and somewhat bittersweet for me. After the Black Mambas and Winners elected their team spokesperson for the week we had a discussion and review of the season.

Vex IQ robots for match on 01-21-2015

Robotics Club 01-21-2015 Match

The robotics club match last night gave the students the chance to test out some updated designs for their Vex IQ robots. The Black Mambas team had a strengthened front end that distributed force more effectively. The Winners team had a mechanized version of their previously all mechanical design.