PC Water Cooling Beginner’s Guide – Prep Work Part 3

The prep work portion of my PC Water Cooling Beginner’s Guide draws to a conclusion in this post with my outline of specific custom water cooling components selected.  I have already discussed the major PC components (mobo, processor, etc.) as well as the Cases/Enclosures I selected for each stage of my build guide. The components outlined in this post will be used in phase 3 of my water cooling guide. Like the previous portions of the prep work I will give short write-ups on each component and full product reviews will come at a later date.

Custom Water Cooling Components

The majority of my custom water cooling components are made by the company Bitspower. A lot of builds out there are using EK, Swiftech, and XSPC components but Bitspower offered the best coverage of parts that I needed. I did use some XSPC and Swiftech parts as well.

Water Pump

The pump is the main workhorse of a custom water cooled PC and for the pump I selected a D5 variation kit. The kit features a Swiftech MCP655-PWM-DRIVE pump, the Bitspower D5 / MCP655 Pump Mod Kit, and the Bitspower Mod Top V2 along with brackets, o-rings, etc. I chose this kit for its ease of use, its overall look, but mostly for the fact that it was a PWM pump giving me a large degree of control over the operation of the pump itself.


For this guide I will be using two 420 mm radiators. The radiators I chose are XSPC EX420 Radiators. I chose these radiators because I really wanted a setup that utilized 140mm fans allowing me to run lower fan speeds for less noise. I also like the low profile these radiators have allowing for a push/pull fan setup within a smaller footprint then many setups.


The 140mm fans I chose are Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 PWM. I ordered 14 of them but will probably only use 12. These fans are the industrial version of the company’s well known fans. I like the more subdued look much more then their standard color scheme. I also wanted PWM fans so I could really control how fast they are spinning and thus the amount of noise they make.

Motherboard Water Block

At the time I was planning this build, the only water block available for a full cover setup of the ASUS x99 Deluxe was the Bitspower BP-WBAIX99DFCBAC-CL. I really like that this piece of kit includes the CPU, ChipSet, and MOS Blocks while linking them all together for a single input/output. I chose the clear acrylic with nickel because I really like the look and think it will go well with the Case Labs Merlin SM8 I chose in Prep Work Part 2.

VGA Water Blocks

This PC water cooling guide utilizes 2 Bitspower BP-WBVGNGTX980NPAC water blocks to cool the 2 GeForce GTX 980 video cards I selected in Prep Work Part 1. I chose these water blocks over others for several reasons. The first reason was to have consistency with the motherboard block I chose. The next reason was that these blocks include a back plate which is a nice addition. Finally, I like the look of the blocks themselves with the clear acrylic over nickel.


The reservoir I chose to use for my custom water cooled PC is the Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 250 Inline Reservoir. I chose this tube shaped reservoir for its simple design and looks. It also helped to maintain some of the consistency I have been utilizing with the more “visual” portions of this build.

Miscellaneous Parts

There are a number of smaller components I am using for this guide. For tubing I will be using PrimoFlex Advanced LRT 1/2in. x 3/4in. Tubing. I ordered a large assortment of Bitspower G1/4″ compression fittings, adapters, stop plugs, and o-rings. To control all of the fans I ordered 2 Swiftech 8-Way PWM Splitters with SATA Power Connectors. To keep algae growth down I ordered both a Monsoon silver bullet G1/4″ plug as well as Petra’s Tech PT Nuke. I am not sure which I will use at this point, I might use both.

PC Water Cooling Next Steps

This post wraps up the prep work portion of my Beginners Guide to Water Cooling. In the next post I will be moving into phase 1 of the project. I will detail the main setup of the PC components on the test bench and get the system up and running.

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