Month: February 2015

PC Water Cooling Beginner’s Guide – Prep Work Part 3

The prep work portion of my PC Water Cooling Beginner’s Guide draws to a conclusion in this post with my outline of specific custom water cooling components selected.  I have already discussed the major PC components (mobo, processor, etc.) as well as the Cases/Enclosures I selected for each stage of my build guide. The components outlined in this post …

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winter DIY greenhouse

Winter Homestead Update

Winter in the north brings many of the homestead activities I have been learning to a halt or crawl. Naturally many of my recent posts have been about robotics and tech but learning about homesteading continues in the cold winter months. Here are how some of the homesteading activities have been doing in these cold winter months.

Robotics Club 02-02-2015 Practice

Our final robotics practice of the current Vex IQ robotics session was very reflective and somewhat bittersweet for me. After the Black Mambas and Winners elected their team spokesperson for the week we had a discussion and review of the season.