Month: October 2015

Team 5794D discussing their robot

Vex EDR 2015 Season Week 5

The Robotics Club teams continued to make progress this week with better designs, more RobotC code, more documentation in their engineering notebooks, and some teams making their first stabs at autonomous operation. Coming off of last week’s activities, the students were eager to

students working on a vex robot

Vex EDR 2015 Season Week 4

Robotics club took things up a notch this week with writing their first RobotC code, great improvements in competition, new parts, and much more focused practice sessions. During last weeks events, league competition made some concessions for new

lots of tomatoes

Simple Tomato Canning

This year, our gardens produced an amazing amount of tomatoes in our new large raised garden beds. After harvesting hundreds and hundreds of tomatoes, it was time to get to canning. I prefer to do simple tomato canning and leave