Month: April 2015

newly planted fruit trees

Planting Fruit Trees

These are the steps I used for planting fruit trees in our yard to create a sort of “backyard orchard.” I have wanted to plant fruit trees since we moved here and we live in a climate that is great for a wide variety of fruit here in the north. This is the

04-22-2015 robotics club practice

Robotics Club 04-22-2015 Practice

Our practice following this week’s match was one of the best practices we have had yet. The team spent nearly all of the practice learning about programming and testing the programs they wrote. I have spent a lot of time trying to think of the best way to teach programming while still keeping it fun

vex iq robot stacking blocks

Robotics Club 04-20-2015 Match

The RoboRunners Vex IQ robotics team greatly improved their driving at this week’s match after a great practice last week. The minor improvements that were done to the robot’s arm really seemed to help out. The robot did not break at all this week and the team was able to get their first

three-bin composting

Three-Bin Composting

A three-bin composting system is a wonderful way to create compost and looks attractive. With the wonderful spring weather we have been having I had the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with this project. If you are looking for a fun and easy DIY project, a three-bin composting system is a great beginner project.

RoboRunners Vex IQ robot

Robotics Club 04-15-2015 Practice

The robotics club met for practice tonight and followed through with the plan they had made at their last match. The team wanted to spend the majority of the practice time driving. They felt that they really needed some additional time to master the more complex Vex IQ robot design

Vex IQ high rise stack

Robotics Club 04-13-2015 Match

After what seemed like a long break from Vex IQ robotics matches, the robotics club’s first match of the new season took place tonight. The team did an outstanding job with their new design. Many of the other teams thought their robot was very “cool” which made the students happy. As the matches got underway