The Curious Road is my attempt at chronicling my endeavors to know more about the world around me and share the everyday adventures encountered along the way. Somewhere where Homesteading, Technology, Tinkering, Writing, Community, Faith, and Adventuring intersect, or perhaps go off on wild tangents. This is one man’s story of him, his wife, and two kids.

How The Curious Road Came About

After spending nearly a decade and a half working in the professional IT and Web Development fields I found myself restless, fat, and unhappy.

There were many skills I felt I lacked, a thirst to know things I didn’t, and a certain sense that if I didn’t do something about it I never would.

I also did not want to see my two kids get older without me having the chance to be more a part of their lives and make sure that they were curious about the world around them. After discussing with my wife and several others who are much smarter then me and much prayer I decided to see what I could do about it.

Main Topics of The Curious Road

The following are the main areas I will be covering. I have questions I need to know the answers to! These may change over time!


What does it mean to live a simpler life and know where your food comes from? How do I modernize the concept and make it a very real part of my life? How do I cook all this stuff I grow?


Technology is an amazing thing and I’m not a proponent of abandoning it. There are a lot of tidbits of tech I know about and a lot I don’t.


Robotics began as something I liked tinkering with as a hobby. ┬áThe kid’s school started a robotics club and I volunteered!


A part of me is a mad scientist at heart. I also hate the idea of throwing things away when they could be fixed. How can I hack things around me or make something new?


I buy stuff. Might as well share my experiences and opinions on the stuff and the companies that sell it.


At heart I am an adventurer or explorer but I live in the modern world with a family and responsibilities. That doesn’t mean there aren’t adventures to be had!

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