Our family is heavily involved in local robotics. Our home usually has at least four or five robots in various states of completion laying around.

2017 VEX game reveal

RoboRunners at 2016 VEX Worlds – Part Two

The RoboRunners had a great time at VEX Worlds to wrap up the 2016 competition season. In part one I¬†detailed the team’s arrival, booth, robot inspection, driver meeting, and Skills Challenge. Here I will go over the parade of nations, the judge interview, 2017 VEX IQ game unveiling,¬†and finally the Teamwork Challenge.

WMS Titan Robotics Teams

Vex EDR 2015 Season Week 9

The competition season for WMS Titan Robotics came to a close this week with one final push of activity. It has been an amazing season with each team growing significantly. The student’s hard work within the regional Vex EDR league was rewarded with